Sunday, March 2, 2008

GMAP - rally?

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GMAP weekly formed another white candle with higher high and higher low. GMAP weekly parabolic SAR was also hit and is now hinting that GMAP might be trending upwards...

GMAP = 7.4 (+2.8%)

GMAP formed another white candle with higher low and higher high. Volume decreased.

GMAP seems to have moved above a possible aggressive resistance or supply line. Bullish.

GMAP seems to be rallying or trending up. Bullish.

GMAP moved above the 65MA. Bullish.

GMAP MACD now moving above the zero line, to signal a buy long. Bullish.

GMAP RSI after breaking a possible resistance line continues to trend up and possibly test the overbought limit pegged at 70. Bullish.

I hope GMAP continues this bullishness, but this coming bloody Monday will surely be a test of the strength of the upward momentum of GMAP...

Good luck to all GMAP traders!
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