Monday, January 7, 2008

Day trading notes

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PSEi suffering from weakness of US markets
PSEi might be forming a gap down, PSEi down almost 91 pts.

GEO lower low, might be forming a gap down, among most active
SM among most active, lower low, might be forming a gap down
DIZ down more than 10%, among top losers, closed almost 17% down
MEG down almost 7%, among top losers
NRCP broke support at 3.05, might test support at 2.85
TA broke support at 1.3, might be forming gap down
COL continues to formed lower lows, closed almost 10% down
GMAP testing support at all time low of 7.4, might be forming gap down, closed on it's intraday high of 7.9, formed long white candle with shaven head, might have formed bullish engulfing.
MBT almost 8% down, among top losers

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