Friday, December 21, 2007

Day trading notes

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Day trading notes

Sold all of DGTL at 1.62 (small volume and long holiday coming up, preserve little gain/cut loss; will get back to DGTL if manages to break possible resistance at 1.66)
Sold some MER at 80.5 (got some of this at 79, got out in the mean time due to long holiday)

BSP cut interest rates
DJIA managed to form white candle.

MER higher high
ABA/B higher high, among top gainers, among most active
DIZ among top losers
SPH among top losers
BDO higher high

PSE volume thin: only 2.8B pesos - possibly everyone in vacation/holiday mode

Ringing up Digitel
Cocktales by Victor C. Agustin

"SPECULATIVE interest in Digitel stock is bubbling again. From only 7.86 million traded on Friday (at a closing price of P1.41), over 29.34 million Digitel shares changed hands yesterday, closing at P1.60, a 13.47 percent gain in just four trading days. According to the grapevine, the cash-flush Government of Singapore Investment Corp. has again re-opened negotiations with Digital Telecommunications towards acquiring possibly both the Gokongwei landline network and its Sun cellular phone business." - Victor C. Agustin, Cocktales, manila standard, (december 2007)

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