Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day trading notes

Bought AT at 15.75 getting inside the possible inverted head and shoulders (a reversal pattern)
Bought AJO at 0.18, was buying on momentum at open...
Sold all of PX at 11
Sold all of EDC at 7.5
Sold all of AJO... looks to be forming bearish engulfing... had to cut at 0.155
Sold all of DIZ at 11.5, major resistance at all time high of 12 will get back to DIZ if breakout

TA higher high, among most active, needs to close above 1.98 to signal us that bulls are fighting back
PX new all time high
NI testing resistance at 25.5
DIZ higher high, possible reversal of downtrend, among top gainer, testing resistance at 11.25 - all time high, new all time high! seems to have found resistance at 12 - new all time high, among most active, on looking at bigger picture 12 seems to be a major resistance level for DIZ
GEO might test resistance at 2.5, among most active
GMAP higher high
AJO having a hard time achieving a higher high...
SM lower low
NRCP lower low
FLI lower low
IPVG lower low
PNB lower low
BPI higher high
ALI higher high, closed previous gap down

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